Clay Pahner


Fairly non-descript, somewhat handsome, with dark brown hair usually cut short and dark blue eyes.


- Born to middle-class parents on Coruscant. Actually adopted, but unaware of that fact.
- Rebelled against his parents and their attempts to mold him into their vision – middle class bureaucrat
- Studied accounting for two years then left school to join the Republic army
- Became an army soldier, did reasonably well, promoted to Sergeant
- Witness to aftermath of a pirate massacre at a remote Outer Rim Station
- Has a serious hatred for pirates
- Afterward, during an undercover operation, his cruiser assigned to another station
- Pahner found some pirates and tried attacking them on station
- Entire station fought against his troops and his ship
- Many Republic army troopers died, his cruiser was damaged but escaped
- Pahner was demoted back to Trooper and has a big black mark on his record
- Eventually made the grade back to Lieutenant with much hard work
- Fought some battles in the Clone Wars but no major battle straight from canon
- Assigned to Senate Guard, guarding VIPs with the Bronze Batallion
- Assigned guard duty over Wilhuff Tarkin, Governor of Seswenna Sector
- While traveling with governor Tarkin to an important meeting, ship was sabotaged and forced to make a crash landing on a remote planet of Massarian
- The planet is primitive, filled with hostile climate and jungles and primitive savage alien barbarians
- The batallion plus Tarkin march all across the planet to take over a spaceport on the other end
- Pahner and his troops were in 8 months of constant combat
- Finally they win and take over the port, steal a ship and escape
- Tarkin is ungrateful and is one of 14 survivors
- Pahner has had enough, he sees where the Republic is going
- He resigns his comission and is given an honorable discharge
- Becomes a mercenary, starts to learn some piloting skills

Clay Pahner

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