She stands five feet, two inches tall, and is athletic and shapely. She’s lightly tanned and bears tiger-like markings over her face and body. Her slightly pointed ears sweep back into a long wavy mane of dark golden hair. Wicked fangs show themselves especially prominentlywhen she smiles. Her facial features are slightly feline, her golden eyes in particular.

When not dancing, she wears forest green, knee-length dress, slit up each side for ease of movement. She also opts for a long, dark brown cloak – often pulling the hood up to obscure her features. Her blaster pistol rests in a holster on her hip, under the cloak.


When she was a young child, she was forced into slavery at an illegal space mine on a backwater planet run by a vicious crime syndicate. There, she was considered especially useful for her tiny hands to un-jam the dangerous machinery. The mine was shut down and the slaves liberated by a team of Jedi. One of the Jedi, a human man named Ardent, recognized the potential in the young Cathar, and she was brought to the Jedi temple for training. She would later be assigned to serve as a padawan with Arden.

Following the death of her master, she fled into a space port at Nopces Prime, where she found work dancing at a catina.


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