Dexen Kai


A young male Nagai, probably in his late teens or early twenties. He stands 5’10” tall, with a slim, lean muscular build, something like a gymnast. He has attractive, sharp features, slightly pointed ears and keen, silvery-grey eyes. as is typical of his species, his skin is chalk-white contrasting with coal black hair; he keeps his hair roughly chin-length, and in a parted style. occasionally it falls into his eyes.

He’s dressed like a typical spacer; heavy work boots, simple dark grey trousers, a dark red tunic-style shirt, with a black knee-length coat. He wears a leather utility belt with a heavy buckle and many pouches of varying sizes; he has a compact, straight blade; a small sword or large dagger, sheathed on his hip, and opposite that, a beat up slugthrower pistol is holstered.


Born the only child of a poor merchant couple in an alien ghetto on Coruscant, Dexen didn’t have much of a chance to make a life for himself. His father crafted and refurbished weapons and sold them out of a seedy shop in the lower markets, and his mother waited tables in a seedy cantina. As a child, he was constantly pushed aside by his stim-addicted mother, and had only a cordial relationship with his father, from whom he learned the basics of the family business.

He spent most of his time roaming about the dangerous lower levels and back alleys as a child, and was well on his way to becoming just another thug or murder statistic before his force potential was noted by the jedi order. he was accepted for apprenticeship while still at a young age, and his parents gladly gave up the financial burden of a child. he was sent to live and train at the temple, where he excelled in most areas, despite the dark emotions clouding his younger years, and his natural Nagai tendency towards violent behavior, both of which sometimes inhibited his progress.

He was eventually accepted as the Padawan Learner of master Toshi Zaal, a human Jedi knight. The two formed a close bond as Master and Pupil, and Toshi was able to help Dexen overcome some of his darker nature during the time they spent together. When the Clone Wars broke out, Toshi and Dexen were sent on several minor assignments; mostly assisting in diplomatic and peace corps type of relief activities for the citizens of devastated worlds, but a few live combat missions as well. Dexen saw little actual combat, but did become very astute at covering his own ass with his lightsaber during this time.

When Order 66 was issued, they were on assignment on a core world; they’d been ordered to join Ardent and his Padawan Yana to help track down a supposed Jedi double agent on that world; when the local clone soldiers turned on them, they had absolutely no warning, it came unexpectedly while the four were having a conversation. Toshi was killed in a hail of blaster fire, and Dexen was nearly killed as he attempted to draw his lightsaber to block another bolt, which struck the handle of the weapon rather than the blade, destroying it. He used the force to pull his fallen master’s lightsaber to his hand, and, at the behest of Ardent who was deflecting a barrage of blaster fire from them, physically dragged Yana away to hiding.

Since then, he and the Cathar have stuck together, and after a month or so, landed on Nopces Prime, in a small space port in one of the alien districts, where Dexen found work fixing the run down equipment which was constantly breaking. He’s had to deal with a lot of anger and betrayal since the collapse of the republic and the order, and the year hasn’t been kind to him emotionally. In his mind, he’s no longer a Jedi, he’s a greasemonkey. He wishes he could leave the whole ‘Jedi’ business behind him, but he knows that the empire won’t see things his way. He generally avoids using the force, but still meditates to try and find the clarity he used to have as part of the Order. He still carries his old master’s lightsaber with him, in a concealed holster inside the back of his utility belt.

Dexen Kai

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